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About Us

At Capstone Law APC, we believe that employees should be treated fairly, consumers should get what they pay for, and rights should be protected even when someone cannot afford a lawyer. Capstone Law seeks to represent employees, consumers and investors across the country in litigation involving labor and workplace rights, privacy laws, automobile and other product defects, consumer protection, false advertising or other deceptive trade practices, and securities fraud.

Capstone's attorneys understand the tactics that well-financed defendents use to shield themselves from responsibility. In fact, a number of our attorneys previously worked for large national law firms and graduated from top law schools, including Harvard, University of Michigan, UCLA and USC. Capstone Law has the talent, experience, financial resources and depth of knowledge to successfully litigate the most complex and challenging cases against the country's largest corporations when they ignore labor laws and workplace protections, make deceptive claims, violate privacy protections, or sell defective products and services.

Our law firm is organized into four main practice areas - Labor & Employment, Consumer Rights, Automotive Defects, and Securities Fraud. We also maintain departments for Mass Actions and Appeals & Complex Motions. Our firm pursues cases in California state and federal courts, as well as in courts around the nation. We also pursue our clients' claims in arbitration and before administrative agencies. Whatever the forum or venue, Capstone Law invests the time and resources necessary to vigorously prosecute its cases.

As part of our commitment to social justice, our firm supports public policy, educational campaigns and legislative efforts to secure and expand the rights of consumers and working people. The firm also publishes the Impact Litigation Journal, a running commentary on important legal developments in the area of representative actions and other complex litigation.